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(( Sorry I haven’t been on and that I’m not going to be on for a little while. My birthday is on the second of July and then we are going to Disney so I will be doing mainly rp posts if anyone is interested. I will probably be back full force by the 8th. So sorry about this! If you would like me to post an open rp or an rp post for anyone just message me or tag me in the post! ))



((Eska wants to play again! I did a cointoss between a Theme Song and a Videogame, and I got heads. :3 So, if you reblog this post, I’ll tell you what your theme song is! 8D))

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Send me college!AU texts !!!!!

I will honestly answer all of them I am literally doing nothing right now

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College AU! Sabira Yarah. This AU us such a cute idea!!!

College AU Sabira

(( She would probably be the kind of student who would be late to every single class because she got lost around campus. And that would be everyday of every year at college.

She would probably attempt to major in something like biology or an art major.

She also would spend weekends drinking hot cocoas in the library until she falls asleep.))

Send a text to my muse on accident, whether it was a wrong number, wrong contact, or just supposed to be deleted.


((Ahahaha this sounds fun for the college!AU group.))

Young! Sabira Open RP

Soft boots pounded against the sand as a young journey ran towards the edge of the hill. Breathless she had had a permanent smile glued to her face as she raced around the empty desert. Jumping a short distance she slid down the dune with nimble feet before bounding her way up the next one. Her mask was pushed up onto her forehead in order to shield from the hot sun as she ran. It wasn’t often her parents allowed her to leave the village that she had been raised in since birth, but they had figured that since she would be coming of age in a just a few years that a little bit of exploration couldn’t hurt. Only a few more years of innocent “childhood” were left before she would embark on her journey. Well not just a journey but the Journey that lay in front of all the children in her village. She was unaware if any other journeyers were out there preparing for the same journey that she was, but she honestly was too excited to care. Reaching the top of the next dune she leaped off with sudden abandon and extended her cloak, pretending that she could fly. She would receive her scarf until the year before her journey but for now she could pretend.

Crashing into the soft sand she rolled onto her back and looked up at the bright desert sun. Running her hand through her white hair she took deep breaths in order to reclaim her breath. Her hand froze, where was the mask, her mask. Quickly she flipped over, pushing the fabric of her cloak away and looked around frantically. 

[: Come on! Where could it have gone?! :],  she chirped worriedly, pawing around in the sand for her black mask. 

naivebluecloak asked: ((What's your type~?))

[: I like the tall ones, or at least one’s taller than me! :]

[:I’m also a fan of the sweet type who act really sweet and give mask kisses! ~<3:]

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TMI Tuesday!

I now have actual time to respond to asks so let er rip!