A strange wanderer approaches you. It is clear that they have been traveling for days and days on end to find you. Reaching into their cloak they pull out a small, worn envelope and hands it to you. Despite your offers of hospitality they kindly refuse and walk back out into the night leaving you stunned and curious. Looking down at the envelope in your hand you open it revealing the contents.

Dear Journeyer and whom ever else receives this letter:

You have been cordially invited to the first ever Wanderer’s Promenade!  This is to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The week of January 13th to the 19th will be the dates to save for this event. Dates are optional and refreshments will be provided. There will be dancing and music for all! so come join us and happy journeys!


((Hey there! So I had this idea of a little Journey fandom get together on here for all the RP blogs. Everyone is invited and welcome to join the festivities. The official dates will be the week of Jan. the 13th but RPing for this event can start sooner and extend beyond those dates. So reblog and let everyone be aware of the Wanderer’s Promenade!

PS Tag all Promenade posts with “Wanderer’s Promenade”))

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    Shira watched the messenger disappear back into the night before turning her attention to the envelope. "Hmm, what is...
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    The moon was high in the sky when the stranger approached her. Evren had stationed herself on the outskirts of the...
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    Pasha waited until the wanderer was well out of sight before he opened the letter and read through it slowly. With each...
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    «|[…hm.]|» He hummed faintly, re-reading the invitation aloud to himself before chuckling. «|[ A…dance? Perhaps I’ll go....
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    ((oh my god this sounds like so much fun! Veritas gets to pull out those nice clothes he’s been saving ;D ))
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    { Oh my! ♫ This is quite exciting news. Thank you for delivering an invite to me, I’ll be sure to attend! ♪ …Now to get...
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    I…got invited to a party??
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    ((This is the best idea! I need to start brainstorming what my lost wanderer should wear!))